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About us

We are delighted you have made it here!

We are a married couple with a young sun, who not only provide a lifestyle but live what we preach.

When times changed recently because of a pandemi we adapted and launched the idea of a SaladVision... The idea was to gain the worlds confidence in natural food is healing!

If you can accept the power of mother nature's food without having to consume toxic substances daily we would all live a much happier lifestyle.

Why wait to be lying in a hospital to make changes?

The change happens everyday when we wake up we are blessed OR we could choose a path of self destruction. Please join us and the many  of the alkaline community trying to push for a better and wiser generation.

The alkaline lifestyle is a homade to Dr Sebi's teachings and influences, we follow a code of non-hybrid electrical foods, no blood or starch, healing within the food to obtain optimal health.

We are ALL on this journey together on different paths!

Life is beautiful, never give up!

Rock Maze
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